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After 2016

Support Platform for the Development of Chinese Local DPOs

After ten years of development and reflection, stating from 2016, One Plus One transformed into a support organization, with its mission being “cultivate talents, support disabled people’s development, and foster public interest in disability rights.” The organization’s approach remains “having a disability rights perspective; advocating for equal participation in the society; and utilize professional and creative talents.” OPO’s goal will always be promoting sustainable development for Chinese disabled talents and their organizations, by cultivating, supporting and leading individuals and small grounds in the field. 

Based on its previous experience, OPO has now developed into a public interest group with a partner structure,. The group now includes five NGOs and three social enterprises, with work covering large areas of China, with two main centers based in Beijing and Shanghai. Meanwhile, OPO manages nine brands: Youren, Qishi, Zhiliao, Xinjie, Tingjian, Xinyan, Yinweiai, Shengbo and Shouwen, providing solutions for areas such as disability services, community rehabilitation, public education, policy recommendation, and social enterprise. OPO’s work covers various categories in the pan-disability rights movement. 

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